California Healing Institute

Basic Classes


for the new-to-cannabis students


An Introduction to Cannabis Therapy

This class is for the beginning student. It is designed to help those who have no experience with marijuana to gain an understanding of their cannabis therapy options. What kind of marijuana medicine should you try for your unique needs? How do you judge the quality of the thousands of medicines out there? Can you use marijuana without getting high? In this class we answer the most pressing questions for elders, addicts, cancer patients, those with chronic conditions, caregivers, parents, pet and livestock owners, and anyone else looking to gently bring cannabis therapy into their lives.

This class includes:

  • An introduction to holistic medicine

  • An introduction to the endocannabinoid system

  • A description of different cannabis medicines including teas, vaporizersm tinctures, topicals, concentrates (Rick Simpson Oil, etc.), and more.

This knowledge is a pre-requisite for the Cannabis Therapy Consultant program and some other classes.

Holistic Cannabis Therapy for Animals with teacher Jan Allegretti

This is an introductory class for those who are new to holistic healing modalities, or for those who have experience using natural medicines for themselves, but are unsure how to use them to care for nonhuman friends and family members. We’ll discuss the simple steps you can take to create a foundation of good health, so your animal companion can get the most benefit from natural medicines. We’ll explore a variety of healing modalities, and the benefits they can offer your dog, cat, horse, or other companion. You’ll gain an understanding of how cannabis works, and how you can safely use it to address a range of injuries and illnesses.

You’ll discover:

  • Which forms of cannabis medicine are safest for your companions
  • How to administer cannabis and other holistic therapies to your animals.
  • The three essential components of holistic health
  • The easiest, most nutritious way to feed your dog or cat

Jan Allegretti, D.Vet.Hom.

Jan Allegretti is the author of The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions, the second edition of which contains extensive information on cannabis therapy. For more than thirty years Jan has been a consultant in holistic health care for animals and a passionate advocate for animal rights and welfare. She holds a Diploma in Veterinary Homeopathy, and is a co-founder of the animal advocacy organization CARE: Compassion for Animals, Respect for the Earth. When cannabis therapy helped to restore her senior dog’s neurological function, she incorporated it into her studies and holistic approach, thus adopting it as a key healing ally for other nonhuman animals. She is also the author of Listen to the Silence: Lessons from Trees and Other Masters and has written extensively for print and online publications, including the column Beyond Body, Mind, and Spirit in the In Defense of Animals e-newsletter.

Holistic Cannabis Therapy for Cancer

This class is designed for those with cancer, their caregivers, and health care providers. We will learn about how cannabis therapy kills cancer cells, shrinks tumors, prevents metastasis and protects healthy cells, tissues and organs from cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. We will review the different forms of cannabis medicines, ingestion methods and dosing. We will look at how to incorporate cannabis therapy into a holistic therapy plan that includes other herbs, nutrition, body pH, and stress reduction techniques.