The Founder

california healing institute


My name is Wendy Read and I am a holistic healer from Northern California. My philosophy focuses on treating individuals, not diseases. I work with people to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am an herbalist, medicine maker, cannabis therapy expert, nutritionist, bodyworker, and spiritual counselor. I have practiced and taught about many aspects of holistic health including herbal healing, nutrition, energy skills, spiritual counseling and multiple modalities of massage therapy. As a minister, I founded the Caretaker’s Garden healing sanctuary and apothecary in 2006. Through a desire to spread knowledge about natural healing, I founded the California Healing Institute in 2013. I am a burner and live my life according to the Burning Man principles which include radical self-reliance, gifting, and leave no trace.

I have lived in the mountains in the heart of the Emerald Triangle for over twenty years and become a practical expert on the medicinal uses of marijuana for the mind, body and spirit: the emerald trinity.